Alex Medina

Alex Medina.jpg

As a long time barista and coffee educator for over 12 years, I’ve always had a passion to share my knowledge and expertise to everyone around me. I've worked in many different aspects of the industry, including barista, lab manager, and sales for an importing company. I currently started my own cafe and roastery called Junto Coffee, where I'm taking everything I've done/learned and sharing it with the masses.

Relevant Experience

Barista/Manager/Trainer for multiple years at local cafes in Greenville. Lab/QC Manager and sales for Ally Coffee for 2 years.

I would love to be elected for this position because putting together events and listening to what people want has always been a passion of mine. It doesn't matter how small or big an idea is, I love figure out ways to put people's ideas into use. I've put together multiple local events and would love to do it on a larger scale and share SCA's vision and passion with everyone in there.