Ben Helfen

Ben Helfen.jpg

Hello! I came up in coffee in Atlanta, GA. My first coffee job was at Starbucks in 2001, but it wasn't until 2005 that I fell in love with coffee. I started a job at Octane Coffee and I learned that coffee can actually taste pretty awesome when it's brewed properly. It was also at Octane that I first was exposed to barista competition and the magic of the Specialty Coffee community. Ever since, the coffee industry has felt like home. For the last eight years, I've worked at Counter Culture Coffee in various roles, most recently supporting our education department.

Relevant Experience

Ever since my first industry event (SERBC 2007), I've been filled with a desire to support and be a part of the Specialty Coffee community. My early experience ranges from hosting regular throwdowns and cup tasters challenges, to serving the BGA Executive Council (2009-10), to volunteering, coaching, and judging in barista competition. In more recent years, I've also been involved in stage managing the Cup Tasters qualifying and national competitions a few times.

I'm very excited for the US to have an official chapter. I love our coffee community and would find it a privilege to help foster camaraderie by helping magnify all the diverse voices we have. My hope for community coordinators is that we help create an environment where resources become increasingly accessible to the entire coffee community.