Brian Webb

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I have worked in Specialty coffee since 2006 as a barista, roaster, educator, and most recently owner and instructor at Hawaii's first and only SCA Premier Campus. In addition to our educational offerings, my company also provides farm support and sensory analysis services and has recently contracted with Scott Labs to provide support services for producers who are using yeast in their processing.

Relevant Experience

I have worked in Specialty coffee in Hawaii since 2014 and have served as the chair of the Hawaii Coffee Association's statewide cupping competition for the last two years. My company (Pacific Coffee Research) was elected to an executive board position with Hawaii Coffee Association for the 2018/2019 term. I have also actively participated as a volunteer and instructor at SCA/A events for many years, and headed up the effort to host the first ever US Brewers Cup Prelim event in Honolulu last year (which we hope to repeat and expand this year).

I am interested in representing the community of coffee producers in the United States. I know this is probably not what the creators of the chapter had in mind in terms of what defines a community, but I feel that this is a very important and largely overlooked segment of the U.S. coffee industry.

There is enormous potential for growth of the Specialty industry in Hawaii (both on the producing and consumer side), and there is growing excitement in the community here about planting (and even breeding) new varieties, experimenting with yeast processing, developing disease resistance, and so much other research and innovation. At the same time the majority of producers in the region suffer from a lack of access to information and education about Specialty coffee, and many are largely unaware of the Specialty industry on the mainland and around the world.

With farms starting up on the mainland in California and Georgia (and perhaps others) as well, it seems like a great time to formalize the producer community's presence in the US chapter.