Colin Russell

Colin Russell.png

I am a barista working at Madcap Coffee in Grand Rapids, MI. While working bar shifts and meeting with baristas at other cafes creates a pretty special community, I believe there is more that can be done to continue to establish a community amongst coffee professionals as well as the people of our cities that support us.

Relevant Experience

5 1/2 years of on bar barista experience, 2 years of coffee marketing, 1 1/2 years of cafe management, 1 year of coffee education planning.

I have always wanted to push the aspect of a coffee community. I think the bond amongst coffee people from various roles from various establishments is very special and continuing to grow in that is nothing but a good thing.

My personal vision is to bridge gaps between people, cafes, and cities to allow for more growth...both as individuals in the bigger picture and the bigger picture as a whole.