Emily Barber

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Owner of Javacology Coffee Shop in Prudenville, MI. Previous COO for another coffee house in Northern Michigan for about 2 years. Opened own shop, read, self educated, travel to other shops and focus on delivering the best coffee to my community along with being as active in my community as possible. Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Pursing MBA in Entrepreneurship. Mother of 2 girls and 4 fur babies!

Relevant Experience

I would love to be elected for this position as a community coordinator as I feel that the Northern Rural parts of Michigan are often forgotten about when the USA is looked at. I think Northern Michigan has some amazing Coffee Houses, Roasters, Baristas and more that should be recognized and be able to participate in SCA with out any burden of financial or travel. This could be an opportunity to provide access to SCA USA Chapter with minimal hurdles. I think this would be a wonderful are to have a community Coordinator in Michigan and I feel that with my involvement in the community and the wonderful things we have accomplished in short 6 months, not including what we have done for the community as a whole, I feel that this is something we can do with and for the SCA USA Chapter.