Hana Kaneshige

Hana Kaneshige.jpg

I have been in the coffee industry for close to 10 years, and specialty coffee for about five years. I've worked as a barista, cafe manager, and most recently educator for Counter Culture Coffee.

Growing up in Washington, surrounded by coffee, I knew I wanted to gain some experience in the industry. Once I started working in coffee, I've only fallen deeper and deeper down this very delicious rabbit hole. The more I learn, the more I want to learn more!

I am excited at for the prospect of bringing together the experiences and resources of CCC with my local coffee community.

Relevant Experience

I have a background in the retail side of specialty coffee along with experience in coffee events, workshops, and training. I would love to be involved as both a representative of Counter Culture, and to be able to support my local coffee community to the best of my abilities.

With the US chapter, we have the opportunity to connect to our local communities and the greater nationwide chapter. I am excited to have a supportive network of coffee people that actively strives to bring the coffee community to everyone. I look forward to being involved in events that are more than just throwdowns, but also networking and community building events. There are a number of people in our industry, and I see the US chapter as an opportunity to bring them together and share experiences.