Homer Chaney

Homer Chaney.jpg

In my coffee career I’ve been barista, cafe manager, trainer, competitor, started two cafe’s from the ground up, and currently own and operate an independent specialty coffee equipment service company with the help of a close crew. Additionally, I have a robust, advanced technical background I’ve translated to excel in my field now. These (and other) personal and professional experiences in the United States and beyond, have helped me to attain a broad and thoughtful understanding of the intricacies in the coffee industry including the myriad of people, personalities, and practices within it, and how to dynamically bring them together.

Relevant Experience

I’ve been an active member of the CTG, facilitator and advocate of what it is trying to accomplish, attended the CTG Summit, CTG trainings, volunteered at SCA EXPO, expanded my network and experience with other technicians, vendors, manufacturers, and SCA members globally. Helped to support, facilitate, and coordinate SCA events. Liaised with SCA Staff and Barista Guild to co-work projects, and more. Collaboration is a tool I use frequently.

Practiced communication and continued management of relationships are vital keys to unlock the potential of the USA Chapter. Paramount to that success, is honesty in dealing with and understanding one another's ways of working. In this role, I intend to facilitate growth by continuing to develop more cross-guild relationships and events, as there is so much to learn from one another that can ultimately improve and elevate us and the SCA as a whole. Also, to educate about and demonstrate for the value that the CTG has to our industry. To bring technicians and guilds together.