Isaac Cohen

Isaac Cohen.jpeg

Since 2016, I have led the marketing department at Urnex. Coming from outside the coffee industry, I have been blown away by the diversity, inclusivity and generosity of the specialty coffee community, and am fortunate to now be a part of it. I live in New York with my wife and 2-year-old daughter.

Relevant Experience

Among my current duties at Urnex, I oversee the company’s participation in events and sponsorship of events, competitions and competitors across the world. In regularly working with event organizers, competitors, other sponsors, media and the SCA, I recognize there is an opportunity to more effectively and efficiency bring together the objectives of each of these groups through communication and collaboration. In the role of Community Coordinator, I wish to represent the sponsor community. Success in this role would be defined by 1) increasing awareness of local events and community priorities among sponsors, 2) increasing awareness of sponsors’ objectives among event organizers and individual competitors seeking sponsorship, and 3) facilitating relationships between event organizers, competitors and sponsors.