Jamie Mardis

Jamie Mardis.jpg

As a speciality coffee roaster for over 10 years Jamie Mardis has established relationships with producers at origin bringing their passion thru the process to coffee lovers.

Having established Koffee Kult as small coffee company fueled by Jamie's passion for quality, has led to tremendous company growth allowing vertical integrated sustainable practices from the farm to customers. Understanding issues effecting the coffee industry Jamie likes find solutions for difficult problems.

You can find Jamie having meaningful conversations about coffee, helping new roasters, roasting on any type machine he can find and trying new coffee processes to further the industry on daily basis.

Relevant Experience

Sharing great coffee is a passion. Experience creating and growing a small coffee roastry to over 50,000 pounds per month is no small task. This is experience I would like to share with others.

Sharing the passion of sustainability, environmental responsibility while being successful is important to me and the SCA.

Having the knowledge of roasting on Loring, Ambex, Roaster Dynamics and Probat machines with Roaster Level 1 certification demonstrates technical proficiency.

Besides having technical and business skills I have been many amazing SCA origin trips and very positive interactions with the SCA staff.

The Colombia FNC has chosen me as a Land Of Diversity judge the last 3 years and extended this upcoming year as well. (super cool the auction will be in Boston this year)

It would be very easy to sit on the sidelines and Monday Quarterback. I rather roll up my sleeves and help further the coffee industry.

I look forward in serving the speciality coffee association and its members.