Joe Marrocco

Joe Marrocco.jpg

Barista, Café Manager (Grace Café,) Roaster, Coffee Educator, Head Wholesale/Retail Trainer for a large coffee company (Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Company,) Green Coffee Sales and Director of Education (Cafe Imports) for seven years, South Central Regional Barista Champion (2011,) 2015 SCAA Special Recognition Award Recipient, served as a BGA Chapter Representative, Served on the Roasters Guild Executive Council, Rule Writer and Head Judge for the US Coffee Roasters Championship three years, Barista Championship Judge, AST, Content Developer for SCAA curriculum for several years (Barista, Roasting, Green Buying, Sensory.)

CURRENTLY: Sales and Education at Mill City Roasters, inaugural Coffee Roasters Guild Advisory Council, Board Member for Sprudge, Pacific Foods Coffee Board, Board Member Gutterpunk Coffee, Minority Owner of Hodges Bend (Saint Paul,) and much much more.

Relevant Experience

I have been a volunteer in some capacity with the SCA/A for over ten years. I am stepping down from my role on the Coffee Roasters Guild Advisory Council and want to focus my efforts and time on something closer to home and more immediately impactful in my local coffee community. I hope to bring the experience gained in helping merge the US focused Roasters Guild and the RG Europe together into the CRG into the work being done to initiate this new chapter. I have spent time as a volunteer with the heritage Barista Guild as well. Culminating these experiences and my abilities to work within the coffee community will hopefully allow me to serve our US Chapter well.