Khanh Trang

Khanh Trang.jpg

Khanh is the co-founder and Director of Coffee at Greater Goods Coffee Roasters in Austin, TX. She is a license Q-Grader who heads the QC division of production and makes the buying decisions for Greater Goods. She also manages the cafes and is thought of as "mom" behind the bar.

Relevant Experience

I'm a licensed Q-Grader who also sources coffee for Greater Goods Coffee Roasters. I'm involved with the day to day interactions with staff and guests at our cafes and understand the need for more inclusivity and approachability from the guest perspective to the professional level and would love to help further bridge that gap in the industry. There are a lot of individuals from the cafes who'd love to become involved with specialty coffee, but don't know how and are a bit intimidated. We offer community events and public classes to raise awareness about the supply chain and final delivery of the coffee at the home level.