Laura Clark

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I live in Kansas City, Missouri and the proud mother of 2 cats. I've been in coffee for just about 8 years. I'm a huge flavor nerd, meaning I enjoy all things coffee, tea, alcohol, and food. Love exploring my city and want to travel more to experience new food and cultures. Art is another passion of mine, whether its relaxing/detoxing from a stressful day or working on a commission or walking around the art museum. It brings me joy and another outlook on life.

Relevant Experience

I've been in coffee for about 8 years. During that time, I've been a barista, trainer, and social media manager. I've competed a couple times in barista competition and truly enjoyed that time and can't wait to get back in the ring. I've also helped organize some events within our community, including working with some awesome people to make USCC great in KC.

I would love to be elected for this role because I've been apart of the Kansas City Coffee Community for the 8 years and it's been a beautiful thing. To watch shops and baristas support each other is amazing. It's this community that has helped push me to be a better coffee professional, as well as a better me. It has also become an extension of my family. And that is what I would love to see happen on a community level. Reaching out and being that support system for a community. Whether they need help with organizing and event or just being some ears to listen. I'll be there.

My vision for the USA Chapter is to see it become even more of a family. More connected and member driven, which is where I see the community coordinator coming in. As well as to see it become more connected with our coffee community around the world. Helping each, following and leading by examples within our industry.