Norma Odegard

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Coffee is my passion. I am from Seattle, WA currently living in Houston, TX with my husband and 5-year-old daughter. I’ve been in the coffee industry for 15 years and I love the amazing, talented people I work with in this industry.

I started as a barista while in high school and through college, and I found myself loving this industry. I began developing my career and skill-set into a management role from shift barista, assistant manager, general manager to operations manager within numerous specialty coffee companies.

I am currently General Manager and Training Specialist at Boomtown Coffee in Houston, TX.

Relevant Experience

Parenting in Coffee

I am deeply committed to the mission of fostering and sustaining families in the specialty coffee industry. My husband and I have worked in specialty coffee for 15 years, raising our 5-year-old daughter, knowing first-hand how challenging it is raising a family in our industry.

Parents working in the coffee industry face daily struggles of scheduling challenges, financial concerns and limited self-care with work/life balance.

My vision for this special interest group under this new chapter of structure is to connect coffee families, raise awareness, develop mission blueprints for shop owners, and create an environment where families with children and the next generation of coffee professionals thrive.