Rocky Rhodes

Rocky Rhodes.jpg

Rocky has been active in the Specialty Coffee movement for over 22 years. He founded a coffee roasting company, Rocky Roaster, in 1996 and focused on both wholesale and retail specialty coffee.

Rocky found a role in the coffee industry as an educator. He joined the Roasters Guild and was voted on to the Executive Council (BOD) for 5 years in that role.
He became one of the first five certified Q-Arabica and Q-Robusta instructors.

Rocky founded International Coffee Consulting. The primary focus of the company is training classes in Q-Grader certification, profile roasting, SCA certified classes and custom training.

Relevant Experience

In the industry for 23 years.
Owned a wholesale roasting company and retail store.
Have trained in over 15 countries.
Have worked at the farm assisting with farming and processing.
Written over 40 industry articles.
Written a book on profile roasting.
Have sat on several BOD's