Rowan Kapanui

Rowan Kapanui.jpg

I am a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) currently living in Seattle, WA who identifies as queer and non-binary. I firmly believe in the power of community to solve problems and make the coffee industry more inclusive. I spend my spare time working with groups that promote the de-occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom and going to Asian Pacific Islander events. Alongside that, I believe in social justice and work with groups like #CoffeeToo and Womyn in Coffee. I have lived in Seattle my entire life and love the community that has grown over the last several decades.

Relevant Experience

I have worked in coffee for close to twelve years now, mostly as a barista, but more recently as a cafe manager, event organizer, and project manager. I have worked closely with non profit organizations to facilitate coffee events and through that have become deeply invested in the local coffee community. I was the project manager for CoffeeCon Seattle in 2016, organized and ran multiple coffee competitions through Northwest Space Agency, and am currently working as the Coffee Program Manager at Mr West Cafe Bar which includes hosting community events and educational programs for baristas and coffee enthusiasts. I have spoken for a panel called Womyn in Coffee, run by #CoffeeToo, and have been an outspoken member of the Seattle coffee community against workplace harassment and inappropriate behavior within the community. If I am elected for Community Coordinator, I would do my best to bring the community together through events, education, and the ideas of inclusion and intersectionality. I would work to promote safety at coffee events and accurate and inclusive representation for the local community. I would also strive for more education based events- the coffee world is forever developing and the Seattle community should be a part of it. I believe that I am a good choice for this position because I would be doing the things that I am already passionate about.