Sam Schaefer

Sam Schaefer.jpg

Sam has been working in coffee since 2013. He loves being involved in the BGA, and has attended barista camps, earning barista certificates, and eventually became an SCA station instructor. Sam is the founder/owner of Mockingbird Coffee, a new business opening in Ann Arbor, MI. He recently worked for Stovetop Roasters, focusing on making and improving systems for coffee production and quality control. He also built out the wholesale program, making events and engaging with the community. He most recently served as the 2018 Vice Membership Chair of the Barista Guild of America.

Relevant Experience

Sam has been working in coffee and actively supporting and attending local and national events to continue to engage with the community. He has volunteered as a judge for the United States Coffee Championships, and as a station instructor at Barista Camp and Access. He is also working on the committee for Bloom 2019. He spent 2018, working on the membership committee, and supported the transition to the Global Barista Guild. He wants to continue bridging the gap between the local communities in the Midwest, and the national coffee industry. He is currently residing in Detroit, and is working on creating opportunities for professional development in SE Michigan. He hopes to continue and expand that work with the SCA US Chapter!