Savannah Phillips

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Approaching 9 years in the specialty coffee industry and 6 as a BGA member, I enjoy sharing the vision and purpose of the SCA (and affiliated guilds) with students that I teach at my San Diego campus, the San Diego Coffee Training Institute (we are a 501c3). Providing a platform for the passionate coffee professional to grow their skills and connect with others is just a perk to being a coffee professional myself, particularly as someone who works in quality assurance (my day job) and is a stickler for giving coffee the respect it deserves. Outside coffee, I enjoy family time (I have an 18mo old), traveling, horses and staying active any way I can (can you say yoga, weights and snowboarding??).

Relevant Experience

Current AST and Lead Instructor; worked on the education development committee (2017-18). Chair of San Diego Coffee Training Institute, where I teach paying and "scholarship" students about coffee. Quality Assurance manager for Cafe Virtuoso in San Diego. Certified heritage level 2 barista, and... taking the Q in 3 weeks. Fingers crossed! (also just passed RG Foundations roaster exam).