Tyler Liedman

Tyler Liedman.jpg

Director of Operations at True Stone Coffee Roasters in St. Paul, Minnesota. Authorized SCA trainer in Brewing and Barista Modules. 11-year industry veteran.

Relevant Experience

My relationship with the SCA started years ago, well before they dropped the extra 'A', and has given me the chance to travel the country and develop lasting relationships with coffee professionals from around the globe. As the AST at our training campus in St. Paul I've had the privilege of introducing new faces to the world of specialty coffee, and as well as challenging its veterans to further develop their skills and knowledge.

I think the potential of SCA its unlimited, but only when it fully utilizes its greatest resource: the members. When the organization has fallen short of its mission in the past, a lack of organization, encouragement and inclusion have often been to blame. The new USA chapter represents a great opportunity to solve these issues. And as the North Central Coordinator, I would help our region bring its distinct voice to that conversation, and do my best to have it speak for all of us.