We are the US Chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA USA Chapter). Supported by dedicated staff and volunteer leaders, the SCA USA Chapter represents the US-based members of the SCA who constitute close to 40% of the association’s global membership. Chapter staff and volunteers work together to organize the U.S. Coffee Championships and other educational events that bring the US coffee community together.

The SCA USA Chapter is one of over 30 SCA Chapters around the world. National Chapters support their local coffee communities and represent the SCA’s vision, mission, and purpose. As the official voice of the US coffee community, the SCA USA Chapter is positioned to serve regional coffee communities with a focus on access, diversity, influence, and a local connection to the global network of coffee professionals.

The Chapter will be the home to the US Coffee Competitions Committees, give voice to local coffee communities across the U.S., and will continue to organize and expand community events across the country.