Bill Kirchoff

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Born and raised in NY to a loving family of 9 children, I worked my way through college at SUNY to gain a bachelors in Marketing and immediately after a 2 year internship at Kraft General Foods and Wegmans went into the coffee industry in sales! I married my college sweetheart, Jennifer and we have 2 wonderful children. I have devoted myself and my my passion in the coffee industry for an amazing 34 years. Working at Wegmans through college then Kraft foods for 17 years serving, selling, marketing, and managing a Region of up to 12 Coffee sales and service specialists and 10 million dollars in sales. Over the last 14 years I have been a regional account manager at Bunn working with hundreds of roasters, chain accounts and wholesalers to partner and witness the growth in the industry! I am now committed to give back and help the industry grow sustainably. I also volunteer part time at a non profit called David’s refuge that helps families with special needs children as both our kids are autistic! I enjoy biking, swimming, and skiing in my spare time.

Relevant Experience

I love coffee!

  • Espresso specialist for 3 years

  • Coffee sales- Kraft foods 1987-2000

  • Barista trained!

  • Served coffee at Wegmans and interned throughout college at General Foods. 1983-1987

  • Coffee account management for 20 years ! 1998-2018

  • Marketing specialist on coffee at Kraft for 2 years on premium coffee launch.

  • CNY Roasters guild - Chapter founder and president . 2012-present

  • Regional Account Manager for Bunn 14 years specializing in growing coffee business!

  • Managed 12 coffee specialists for 5 years at Kraft.

  • Achieved New Product award fir Espresso growth in 2014-2015.

  • Earned District of the year awards in 2005 and 2009 fir managing my district to highest growth in the USA!

My vision is to devote my retirement to helping foster, nurture, invest in sustainable industry growth through the SCA whom I hold the utmost respect!