Christopher Brown

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Hello! My name is Christopher Brown and I am the Sales and Training Director for What's Brewing Inc. My start with coffee began as a project for my Undergraduate degree in cultural anthropology, pursuing a understanding of taste and artisan craft in coffee. That study led me to What's Brewing where I worked up from a retail assistant, through the multiple aspects of production, to my current position.

Relevant Experience

As a member of the What's Brewing Team I have grown from barista and roasting assistant to the Sales and Training Director. My experience across multiple streams of business has allowed me to work with a variety of shops, restaurants, and individuals. In my current position I am able to communicate and work along side more than just the coffee community. I hope to bring a different perspective to the SCA chapter, focusing on youth and smaller coffee related businesses. My background has allowed for academic and experience based growth, creating a sense of credibility and ease of communication to different groups. My vision for the USA Chapter is to enhance the connection between SCA and younger individuals to create greater opportunities for young coffee professionals and pathways for growth within the coffee industry.