Beth Beall

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I have been in the coffee industry for 25 years. Our company is in Montana, Texas and we are owners of coffee farms in Costa Rica. My passion is quality, inclusiveness and active collaboration. I enjoy meeting coffee professionals with relevant and exemplary skills and building groups that can bring energy and new ideas to the industry. Our coffee communities neighborhoods, towns, states have distinct and important voices that should be heard. Having representation from the different communities is exciting and a great step in creating the USA chapter of the SCA.

Relevant Experience

I have been an owner of Texas Coffee Traders and Montana Coffee Traders for 25 years as well as having ownership in coffee farms in Costa Rica. In Texas our site is an SCA certified lab/campus and my specialty is Sensory. (AST)

I am also a Q grader. My experience is bean to cup and working with groups to improve quality, come to consensus, create visions for our future and train. My strength is team building and collaborative planning . I would like to bring these skills in helping create a new US chapter where many different and unique voices should he heard.