Jon Ferguson

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Born in Wisconsin and raised in Nebraska, Jon remains active in the specialty coffee community through volunteering, competing, and attending events since 2006. He has been a member of the Barista and Roasters Guild and supports strengthening focus on growth of the Coffee Technicians Guild. He established a coffee roasting company in 2007, received a master’s degree in anthropology from the University of Nebraska, and currently holds a position at the Arbor Day Foundation where he manages green coffee sourcing, logistics, and quality control. In his spare time, Jon runs a shared coffee roasting space, advocating collaboration within his local coffee community.

Relevant Experience

With over a decade of involvement with the former Specialty Coffee Association of America, Jon believes the formation of the SCA USA Chapter will prove to strengthen local and regional voices by providing an official platform to engage within our communities and express concerns to our wider global specialty coffee organization.

Jon has organized and participated in several SCA Expo and WOC lecture presentations, strengthening his appreciation for SCA lead lecture series and hopes to promote similar regional lecture opportunities. He has prior experience serving on the Board of Directors of his local food cooperative where he gained experience on policy development and the importance of representing concerns from his community.

As the North Central Regional Coordinator, he plans to help organize, promote, represent, and participate in all SCA Guilds with equal attention and respect. With experience living in both urban and rural areas of the United States, Jon continues to see exciting growth opportunities for specialty coffee particularly in rural communities. Jon is eager to support and strengthen the voices of those who demand equal opportunity and representation within their specialty coffee communities.