Tyler Duncan

Tyler Duncan.jpg

Tyler has been engaged with his local and national community in planning events within his company, locally with other roasters and brewers, and nationally volunteering for the BGA at caps, expo, and Access. He has been on the events committee, pathways committee, and has held various leadership roles at Camp and Expo. Tyler has a history of volunteering and coordinating events that spans over a decade and has helped to bring new coffee professionals into the industry every step of the way.

Relevant Experience

I would love to be nominated for this position because I have experience and passion for building the community. I created a series of throw downs for a year to engage with the community and gave a platform for other companies to host and connect with their base, held prelims and training at our lab, and have orchestrated several other events since being involved in specialty coffee. I love being able to coordinate and bring people together for a common cause, and to help industry professionals chart a course for their future.