Maya Nguyen

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I manage a coffee shop in the heart of downtown Burlington, Vermont. We have a very strong specialty coffee community here and love working cooperatively to expand our city's love for/knowledge of coffee. This is something I'd like to share with communities across the country, as well as help high volume coffee shops get the tools they need to meet specialty standards.

Relevant Experience

Barista Level 1 certified with 4 years barista experience, as well as people management for 6 years. Less than one year of coffee roasting experience and learning new things every day. I would like to be elected to this position to connect people in the coffee industry, as well as help develop tools for SCA members' use. Training and teaching has been a lifelong passion of mine and managing a small business has given me the opportunity to develop tools for my shop. I'd love to use that experience to help others out. I hope that the USA chapter of the SCA can bring specialty coffee to new areas. There are a lot of towns across the country which have limited access to coffee & have no understanding of where their coffee is coming from. Connecting with shops in smaller towns and helping new coffee shops get the tools they need to start up would be an incredible opportunity for the SCA USA chapter.