Madeleine Longoria Garcia

Madeleine Longoria Garcia.jpg

Madeleine has worked with coffee for nearly 10 years, filling roles as a barista, trainer, coffee picker, coffee cupper, and coffee buyer across the west coast, Hawai'i, and abroad. Her passion developed while working as a part-time barista at her university's cafe and snowballed into her current career in Hawai'i. Madeleine's exposure to the complete coffee supply chain has allowed her to develop as a professional and gain a better understanding of the full picture of our industry. Her typical work week involves brewing coffees, chatting with coffee producers, and sharing her passion for this delicious seed.

Relevant Experience

As a member of the global coffee community, I have helped organize community events in Melbourne and Hawai'i, including latte art throwdowns, cupping competitions, and training sessions. I have a deep-rooted passion for this industry and would like to play an active role in the SCA USA Chapter to better connect Hawai'i's local coffee industry with the rest of the nation. As a small island chain thousands of miles from the mainland, we are often forgotten and underrepresented in national and global events and conversations. I'd like to see a USA chapter that makes more efforts to be accessible to all SCA members and more intentionally includes underrepresented communities. As a Community Coordinator from Hawai'i, I will be able to provide insight and perspective from voices at all levels of the supply chain in the United States.